Xbox One USB Loader

Play XBONE games from an external USB hard drive or flash drive.

Xbox One USB Loader

If you want to be able to play PS2 games from an internal HDD, you will need an Open PS2 Loader   (OPL). This is through a USB device or a PC that has been networked from the PS2 console or the PS3 console which is a match with the feature called as PS2 Backwards Compatibility. Unluckily, Internal HDD support is not seen in PS3 today.
If you need to install those games then you have to utilize special apps to do so. Once done, installations could be backed up into your game disks or those ISO files that are in your computer. For info about formatting, installations of games, and compatibility issues, the NavBar as seen above should be clicked by you.
The implementation of the fresh GUI shows that we can enjoy new features and options.  In this regard, we have to understand that OPL version configurations that are already aged will never run with the OPL v0.8.

xbox one usb loader

Version 0.8 - Download
Lots of solutions for compatibility dilemmas
ISO format loading options
NAS support is boosted up
SMB module can be securely authenticated (write and security access are activated)
Network support systems have been improved (NBSS keep-alive, small in-game speed-up)
Elf Loader has been included for the running of additional apps
More compatibility capability for new external USB HDD with 1k/2k/4k cluster file
Aged PS2 console compatibility has been boosted up (10k JAP)

    GUI (Graphical User Interface)
Display has been designed all over again
Cover art is now supported
The theme support can be customized by users
The Load/Save OPL configuration option from multiple devices is now supported (USB and HDD)
The VMC (Virtual Memory Card) support feature has been added
The HDL Server for HDD game installation over network feature is now there
The "rename" and "delete" functionality feature for games lists are now there
The Childproof mode (Protection against unwanted or unauthorized configurations) is included
Game refreshing is now available.

Mechanics of Usage:

Xbox 1
The OPS2LD.ELF must be booted up using ELF launching apps that fall under the homebrew category. These could include Free McBoot or uLaunchELF. The forums could be your best source of information about these ELF launching apps.

Xbox 360
The retail SwapMagic 3.6+ or 3.8 discs must be on hand. (This is your only option today)
When loading the Open PS2 Loader:
1. The OPS2LD.ELF must be renamed to SMBOOT0.ELF
2. The USB device root should have a folder created by you, label it SWAPMAGIC and copy the SMBOOT0.ELF into it.
3. Run SwapMagic in your PS3 and press UP+L1, then Open PS2 Loader will be initiated.
For running an ELF file, SwapMagic will give you 4 choices so you can use any of them. When you have other ELFs, SwapMagic should also be used to run them. The following should guide you: